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I'm a bit behind on publication announcements, so let's get caught up...

First, I've put together a sort of 'sampler' ebook called Six Impossible Things, made up of six of my short stories. The collection includes "Childish Things," "Moon, June, Raccoon," "Norma the Wal-Mart Greeter Meets the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse," "Swear Not By the Moon," "Drawn From Memory," and "The Garden." It's available for free on Smashwords, where you can download it in Kindle format, EPUB, PDF, plain text... pretty much everything except semaphore and interpretive dance. (It's also on Amazon, but the process of making a book free on Amazon has taken longer than expected, so at the moment the Amazon price is still 99 cents. It will eventually be free, permanently; it may just take a couple more weeks. I'll make another announcement when the price finally changes.)

Six Impossible Things

Second, the issue of Black Static including my story "Horseman" is due out next month, and as a preview, check out the awesome illustration done for it by artist Rich Sampson. It'll be in black and white in the actual magazine, but at least you can enjoy it here in all its glory. :)

Third, this month saw a really exciting acceptance for one of my stories -- "The Bear with the Quantum Heart" was accepted to the online sf/f magazine Strange Horizons, tentatively slated to appear sometime around December. It's a place I've dreamed of being published in for some time now, and tough to get into, so this was an especially satisfying ego boost. The story is about a state-of-the-art educational toy who grows up alongside the child he was bought for, and ends up having a much deeper relationship with her than either of them expected. Call it "Velveteen Rabbit" meets "A.I.," I suppose. :)

As for writing new stuff, a lot of real-life issues have interfered with my writing time and energy over the past several weeks, but at this point I'm still planning on doing Camp NaNoWriMo again in August. Before that, though, I'm working on my next Smashwords/Kindle offering (a novella called "Signal") and trying to get a short story together to submit to this quarter of the Writers of the Future contest before the deadline slips past me.

And, of course, I'll try to update here more often so I'm not doing these long omnibus posts instead of sticking to one topic and keeping things short, the way all the blog-writing how-to blogs say you should. (Which is one of several reasons I consider this an online journal and not a real "blog.") :p
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As one final bit of closure for 2010, and also just as a backup to my personal files, a quick rundown of acceptances/publications for the year:

To the Anthro Dreams podcast in 2010, as reprints: "Moon, June, Raccoon", "The Raccoon and the Sea-Maiden," and "Cover of Darkness" and "Sideshow" (grouped together into one podcast). I highly recommend the podcast to those interested in anthropomorphic fiction.

To ROAR volume 3 (due out next month), published by Bad Dog Books, "Drawn From Memory." One of the few short stories I completed last year, this one is a sweet romance between a young human woman and the suave tiger toon she idolized as a child. I'm really pleased with how the story turned out -- and that this will be my debut in a Bad Dog Books publication, hopefully reaching new readers who haven't come across my work yet.

To Different Worlds, Different Skins Volume 2, as reprints: "Swear Not By the Moon," "A Winter's Work," "Transformation," and "At the Bridge." (I was also surprised and pleased to see that the cover art for this volume was based on "A Winter's Work.")

To Fearology 2: Beware All Animals Great and Small (publication date TBA), a contemporary dark fantasy piece called "Horseman," about a horse breeder grieving his wife's death, whose mare gives birth to a monstrosity.

And finally, "Swear Not By the Moon," as a reprint, to the anthology Bewere the Night -- table of contents here, and it can be preordered via Amazon.com here (due out in April).

All in all, not as bad as it could have been, given that 2010 was a year of personal/financial upheaval with my husband's job situation, leading to not very many new stories being completed, and given that I had more trouble than usual getting responses back in reasonable amounts of time (maybe in part because I was submitting to brand-new markets just getting their first issues going). At any rate, now we work on 2011...
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Reposted from a November entry, with some updates and changes...

1. Finish at least one short story per month. (This can include completing current works in progress or finishing something new. Generally, "finish" should mean "complete the story to the point that it's ready to send out to editors," but I might make exceptions depending on how many rewrites, how long the drafts are, any major unforeseen life events, and so on.)

2. Submit to at least three markets on my "someday" list. (This is a list of, currently, seven markets that I would like to have my short fiction published in eventually. Note that I do not say "get accepted to" any of these, since I have no control over that other than doing my best on the stories and then getting the submissions out there.)

3. Put at least one long short story/novella up for sale on Smashwords. (I think I know which story I'll start with. The draft is about two-thirds complete from NaNoWriMo 2009, though what I have probably needs some structural/pacing work.)

4. Work on my website. (Got a few pages built over the weekend, and starting to figure out how the homepage will look.)

5. Create enough visual art/craft items to be able to finally open an Etsy shop. (Admittedly, this goal is starting to feel less important compared to the writing ones, but I don't want to forget about it entirely.)

I managed to get one last acceptance before 2010 closed out -- my story "Swear Not By the Moon" was accepted (as a reprint) to the anthology Bewere the Night. I'll make a separate post in a bit with a quick rundown of links for 2010's acceptances/publications, even though it's somewhat depressing to me because it's quite a bit shorter and less varied than I'd like it to be.

Which brings me to my overarching writing resolution for the year: Complain less, create more. Regrettably, I'm beginning to get the same sort of impression of fellow writers that the screech owl in Bambi has about relations: "If they're bigger than you, you can't bear them because they're proud, and if they're smaller they can't bear you because you're proud." I recognize that I spend too much time feeling inadequate about what I'm able to do or publish compared to others, or about what other people want to read/publish/buy, and for this year I need to work on keeping my focus on my own work and on what I truly want to do, instead of worry about everybody else's stuff and how much better they're doing at all of it than I am. Obviously, this isn't so much a writing thing as a personality thing (I've always been prone to envy and what I suppose you'd call envy-induced depression), but I can at least make an effort.

For now, though, I have to turn the focus to visual art. My sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project has to be postmarked by the 15th of this month, and true to form, I have procrastinated until almost the last possible moment. (Procrastinators of the world, unite whenever you get around to it! Maybe next week! If we feel like it!) Add in an art commission that's been stalled and overdue for weeks (the commissioner is a saint for being this patient with me, really), and I'll likely be spending the rest of this month in a flurry of pencil and pastel and watercolor and whatever else I can find to stuff into this thing, plus finishing the commissioned piece. My husband tells me I do my best work under this sort of pressure. I can only hope he's still right. At any rate, the deadline gives me an excuse to just do whatever comes into my mind and not worry so much about it being perfect or even that good, which is what I need right now.


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