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Another piece for my [community profile] origfic_bingo card, this one for the prompt "reading aloud."

To give a bit of background, for this piece I went back to characters from a story I wrote a couple years ago, about a small group of bipedal big cats engineered for military use and what happened to them after the war was over. The story never entirely worked, although I still like some of the scenes and setting from it. I decided, though, that it would make more sense if the animals were left as quadrupeds and enhanced from there. This is the first scene I've tried writing from that angle. Not sure what the narrator's name should be yet (I honestly don't remember what it was from the original version of the story, which means it probably wasn't quite the right name anyway).

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Everyone she asked for advice told her not to go in with him. )
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I joined [community profile] origfic_bingo here on DW recently and am now working on my first bingo card of prompts. I'm hoping poetry will be okay instead of fiction--I'd intended to write a scene or flash fiction or something along those lines, but when I sat down to write on this prompt, a poem happened instead.

Still messing with line and stanza breaks, so this may change by the time I post the links to my full bingo.

Pulse )


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