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Smashwords is having a site-wide sale during July, and I've added my fantasy novelette "Real Dragons Don't Wear Sweaters" to the promotion. This means that through July 31, if you enter the code SSW50 at checkout, you can get "Real Dragons" for half price -- just 99 cents. So if you haven't downloaded your copy yet, now's the time!

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Once upon a time (Tuesday before last), there lived a dragon. He was not the sort of dragon you are probably thinking of. He did have wings, and a long pointy tail with a long neck to match, and even little lumps where horns would be, just in front of his ears. Unfortunately, that was where his resemblance to most dragons ended, because he was roughly the same size as a Chihuahua, his wings were so tiny that the effect was downright comical, and he was the precise shade of pastel pink that lip gloss manufacturers would call Cotton Dandy and paint manufacturers would call Wistful Dream.

To top it all off, he was fuzzy. Holding him was like holding a warm, slightly squirmy peach.

He was not, as you may have already guessed, a wild dragon. Wild dragons were crimson or ebony or emerald. They were giant, scaly fire-breathers who lived in caves in dramatic-looking cliffs and slept on huge piles of gold. He lived in an apartment with his owner and slept in a little basket with a powder-blue cushion.

She called him Dinkums.

My novelette "Real Dragons Don't Wear Sweaters" is now available via Smashwords, in every format they offer except plain text -- meaning you can read it on your computer, your Kindle, your Palm thingie, your Nook doohickey, and all those other newfangled things they make for reading books these days. (In my day, we had to read books on paper! And sometimes it would even cut you! And that was the way it was, and we LIKED IT!)

Erm. Anyway. Check it out here:


(Once again, my thanks to S.E.T. for the awesome cover art!)
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1. Finish at least one short story per month. Total completed: 1

The month of May kind of slipped by when I wasn't looking. Or, to be more precise, when I was reading and sending out submissions. >_< My current work in progress is being stubborn and taking a lot longer than expected to come together. I think I've figured out what's supposed to happen, but I still feel like I'm missing a piece or two.

2. Put at least one long short story/novella up for sale on Smashwords. Done! Separate announcement coming in a bit, to cross-post to LJ. (Okay, okay, yeah, I uploaded that novelette today, not last month. But I'm counting it anyway.)

3. Open an Etsy shop. Next step on this one is going to be hauling the old printer/scanner/copier out of the box and seeing if it still works after a couple years in the basement, since it's going to be a lot nicer to use scans of my art and not digital photos.


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